Artist Statement

I use personal knowledge to build magical dimensions. My work is more about what holds it

together than what is ultimately looks like. Drawing, collage, photography and painting play

important roles in how I organize my work formally, although I am motivated by a process that I

describe as an “active search” in which I incorporate material from my immediate world and

everyday experience and then arrange it in a way that is organic and surprising to me. This

“search” allows me to construct paintings that are composed of multiple individual elements

that are then dismantled in the resulting fictional space of the work. Patterns on the floor,

memories of my childhood, and photographs that are significant to me all function as ways and

means of bringing my world, as well as what’s in front of me, directly into my work. I arrive at

my paintings by manipulating the space between -- for example, positive and negative, and/or

abstraction and representation. It is in this ‘in-between space’ that I dismantle truths to

assemble fictions. These fictions are a function of the painting process. As an artist whose

primary mediums are painting and drawing, I am driven to mine my experience to discover a

container for visual form.

Forty years ago, the experience of witnessing light stream from a stained-glass window was

critical to my current interpretation of abstraction. Strong graphic curves of lead hold countless

numbers of facets that frame a larger narrative, a story that was mysteriously obliterated as

colored light rays projected forward to create an ephemeral fleeting space that appeared backlit

like a computer screen. Pathways such as this that move from certainty to mystery have

always intrigued me. I take on the power of transmitted light to alter perceptions of a magical

and powerful new arrangement of form and color in the living world. My work stumbles

through what I think of as chatty abstractions that shape-shift and dream-catch both light and

space. These investigations allow for my paintings and drawings to build abstract narrative

structures that mix and remix themselves, interweaving the narrative with the pictorial. My aim

is to expand the hybrid space of painting while maintaining a crucial connection to daily life.